Description: Slow, mournful and sad piano and cello underscore. Images of the aftermath of war, death and destruction. Smouldering heaps of rubble, no signs of life, a flattened landscape. Features sparse rhythmic piano, solo cello and sordino strings. Perfect for documentary, drama, news TV and history. Main, 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: piano, content, happy, peaceful, innocence, child, children.

Description: 60 second loop that is light, breezy, and pretty with a positive, unassuming feel. The acoustic guitar keeps it down to earth while in contrast the electric piano is bell-like and ethereal

Description: Happy atmospheric piano piece. It can work great as calming intro or background. Good for movies, commercials, promotions, theatre, dance projects.

Description: Very fast acoustic guitar solo. Melodic and peaceful.

Description: This simple song is driven by an acoustic guitar finger picked to give it a light ethereal nighttime feel. Woodsy and a little bit magical, it evokes images of a child stargazing on a warm summer night.

Description: An acoustic track that gives the feeling of relaxation and calmness. Perfect background music. Friendly, live acoustic guitars that create a happy feeling. Bright live instrumental. Suitable for all kinds of presentations and commercials.

Description: Atmospheric acoustic guitar with a vibe.

Description: Piano piece that gives a sense of sleepiness and peace. Very short but easy-going

Description: This is calm, beautiful, romantic track featuring acoustic guitar, piano, flute and violins. The Way to Happiness, the Bride's Path to the altar. Suitable for Weddings, Marriage registration, Family Video, TV/Radio Broadcast, Website, YouTube and other romantic projects. 4 versions included: 1. Main Mix (02:43) 2. Short Mix (01:22) 3. 43 seconds cut (00:43) 4. 24 seconds cut (00:24)

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