Description: instrumental atmosphere or backgroun music for movie, video game or web (fantasy, space or investigations).

Description: Hard Drum-n-bass track with heavy rock guitars. Great powerful and hot track.

Description: Beats, Drums, Bass, Synths, Synthesizer, Urban, Ethno, Chinese, China, Asia, Strings, Traveling, Laid Back, Light, Percussions, Timbaland, Timberlake, World, Discovery, Guitar, Bass, Lost Love, Modern, Change

Description: This track by All Out was made in 2011. Neurotech style. Scary FXs, atmosphere and energy drums and bass.

Description: This is positive, energetic and hopeful drum&bass track.

Description: Hip Hop, Ghetto, Cool, Relaxed, Chill, Urban, Gangster, Celebrity, Fame, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Organ

Description: Fast and energetic drum and bass track with deep bassline and powerful beat. Best for introduction to films and games, for trailers and advertisements or any visual project.

Description: A quick modern logo based intro solution in the style of drum and bass in the aggressive ‘neurofunk’ side perfect for entry or transition headings. Great for competition based videos and more!