Description: Upbeat modern dance club track with groovy beat, catchy synths and powerful anthem-style chorus. Get up and dance!

Description: Modern Dance Club track with lively beat and catchy synths. Cool, energetic and dynamic.

Description: progresive house music for the edm crowd uplifthing edm sound super neat :D

Description: Since having started working together in 1999, MODFUNK have already made a huge impact on the dance music, with numerous singles and remixes to their name. Their first album was released in 2002 and contained elements of classic house, funk, r&b and jazz and was hailed as one of the most important debut albums on the Polish club scene. MODFUNK has since produced a number of other club tracks for a range of independent and major labels including Machine Gun Ibiza Records [London], Help Yourself [France] and Sony BMG [Poland].

Description: A cool club track which bounces along with a very catchy baseline and melody hooks, ideal use for high intensity gaming, Gran Turismo, clubbing, festivals, Films and TV. This track has massive build ups, drops, drums and banging baselines, An absolute massive sounding club anthem.

Description: Dark, pulsating groove with strong bass hook and synthesizer pads.

Description: clip of instrumental beat, instrumentally creative.

Description: Motivational Dance Track in the full version. The main styles of trance, Dance, Dubstep