Description: Slow and warm synth drones in a beautiful chord progression. Sentimental maybe, but great ambience.

Description: Atmospheric music with Andean flutes inspired by the Inca civilization. Peaceful, beautiful and romantic sounding, great for movies and documentaries.

Description: Ambient music with piano chords and floating background textures. Cinematic and dreamy, great for background music, narrations and voice-overs.

Description: Musical soundscape with mysterious ambience and windy sounds.

Description: Ambient soundscape with dreamy flute and mysterious background. Great for background in cinematic footage or historical documentaries. Middle Eastern inspired with a sort of Arabic scale.

Description: Ambient music and background music for narration and voice-over. A floating piano with reverb swirling around some nice textures and simple melodies. Very dreamy and meditative.

Description: Background music for narration and voice-overs. A bit sci-fi, fantasy, melancholy and dreaming. Piano echoes, ambient guitar and different texture sounds.

Description: Music from deep inside the magical forest. A mysterious and strange sounding soundscape.

Description: Ambient track with Indian influences. Violins, tablas, sitars and flutes. Dark and mysterious, great for documentaries, vacations and reportage.

Description: Reverb Echo Guitar with the sound of vinyl record needle