Description: Suspenseful, dark , creepy, tension filled, ambient soundscape. Perfect for film/TV

Description: Atmospheric, transparent musical theme with acoustic guitar, light percussion, warm pads, FM synth, arpeggiators. Can be used as a jingle, background , stinger, ringtone.

Description: languid piano floating with string among birds in a forest

Description: Calm, relaxing, soft touch of music.

Description: Deep cinematic landscape background music. Serious as God.

Description: A warm and constantly evolving ambient piece. Has emotive guitar parts and a pulsating deep bass, ideal for emotive picture.

Description: Dreamy and enigmatic chill out track with deep synths and pulsing groove.

Description: This is a quiet ambient track with an eerie melody played on a celesta. Section strings add an assortment of effects throughout the track.

Description: This is a soft ambient track featuring a Chinese erhu as the leading instrument. It plays a sad melody over light section string accompaniment.

Description: Music for the aquatic theme, diving, coral reefs, wrecks