Description: I wanted to name the transcendence PRECISELY Because it is really something That makes you transcend, for true connoisseurs, For Those Who can connect and understand certain types of composition, this track ambient does something That affects the mind, the sounds magicie pads incredible That I that created and musical notes make up this freedom and peace of mind ..ti door in a heavenly paradise .. reconnect to your true IO, at least that's the feeling it gave me to me ..for me this track is the unconditional love ..

Description: Rising Digital Logo containing electronic textures is a ambient Logo, but very appropriate for many more media projects.

Description: Another galaxy ..ambient sci fi, space atmosphere, sounds of the universe, galactic fantasy, melodic synthesizer that comprises a base that reflects the whole cosmos ..the universe, the solar system, the infinite what we do not see. ..ambient, drone and atmospheric but it could be much more, combined with cinematic or gaming space.,,

Description: Nature Endangered, and I think this really is the current world today Reflects, nature, death of living beings ..the damage to ourselves ..but all this played on an environment sci fi, maybe more advanced than others 500 years ..ambient space That Reflects the end of the world, our world evolved ..malinconica world in some respects, imaginative in others..ascoltare and think ..

Description: This is a stellar ambient clips, space ... really cosmic sounds, a sound from the MRI, it could match with all kinds spatial plan, cartoon, film, sci fi ..sperimentale ..queste clips are around 3 I created 3 ..this is the third ..that is titled appearance 3 Fly-X ..

Description: This is a very peaceful and soft track with piano and strings.

Description: background music, calm and sure

Description: Desolate empty floating ambient instrumental.Ideal for space.wilderness,open spaces background.

Description: Pulsating drum beat with mysterious spacious synths and guitar. Great for mystery, sci fi scene. Very ambient and atmospheric.

Description: New Age spacious, ambient track with subtle synths, bells and light percussion. Calm, open and atmospheric.