Description: Royalty-free sound effect. Perfect for apps, videogames, films, multimedia, audio logos, presentations, radio, web design and a whole lot more!

Description: This effect is for all-round use, the sounds of which are suitable for any of your project! Games, video, radio, TV.

Description: Magic world ,fantasy trip ,special effect ,love sound

Description: Creature Monster Beast Choke Monster Choking, Pitched Down Two Octaves

Description: Creatures Group Voice Scream Moan Laugh Crazy Mad Monsters Screaming Madly, Center Perspective, Sanken Co100K

Description: Phrases Asian flute with effects. Great for movies,video games,animation,credits,presentations,advertising etc.

Description: Undefined voices, signals,strange animals or sounds.

Description: Flapping and hissing from multiple fantasy winged serpents.

Description: Tonal Sparkle, Sustained In C#, Music Sci Fi Music

Description: Tonal Sparkle, Sustained In Bb, Music Sci Fi Music