Description: This track is optimistic and peaceful. Great for any kind of inspirational videos about beauty of our world, commercials, websites and other projects that need peaceful and positive mood.

Description: A groovy and confident Euro type vibe with a catchy hook. Very peaceful sounding.

Description: The Butterfly Effect is corporate and dynamic track. It`s good for any kind of presentations, commercials, websites, documentaries, youtube videos, motivational stories, videos about life of big cities, photo slideshows and other projects.

Description: Fresh, cinematic, energetic and sports background music includes breakbeat drums, deep bass, electric guitars and synths. Best for cinema, movie trailer, corporate videos, commercials, advertisement or as web page music.

Description: A spacey and relaxed techno chillout that's a little bit quirky and has a funky mechanical clock like feel. There's a smooth underscore of electronic percussion effects and a laid back but confident conga groove. It has futuristic synthesizer effects and mysterious pad textures of organ and choir that have a calm innocent and catchy melody. 62 BPM,

Description: Up-Tempo, Feel good, Old School, New School, 1980's 1990's, Hip Hop, Bobby Brow type beat, RnB, Pop, Teen, Young, Laid Back, Chill, Urban, Soul, Smooth, Soulful, Groovy, Smile, Fun, Enjoy, Dance, DJ, Club, Fashion, How to, Traveling, Funky Bass, Guitar, Drums, Horns, Electric Piano, Claps, Strings, Percussion, TV, Film, TV Cue, Video Game, Youtube, Movie, Soundtrack, Instrumental, Background, Music, Beat, Track.

Description: Perilous Path to Victory is a perfect track for motivation of working process. You can use it for team building or video about your company. It is ideal for stories of victory, presentations and promo of new technology, corporate videos and movies about the heroic people.

Description: It is inspiring and motivative upbeat with warm sound. Mood of this track is positive, light, magic, happy, uplifting and background. It can be used in different corporate videos or promotions, fashion vlogs or as background to any video. Also this track makes me to dance and smile.

Description: This is the cosmic music with movable mood. It makes you climb higher and higher; move only forward; never to stop. While harmonyof this track is a little melancholy, it still makes to dance.