Description: Powerful driven high energy positive pop rock track with memorable guitar solo melody. Hot Rock Party 2 is a fun and infectious high energy track for any project that needs a blast of youthful energy. It borrows elements from rock and mixes it with electronic groove and feel good pop energy. Perfect for advertising, corporate and business videos, presentations, and animations that have an upbeat, active, good health, fun, pop punk, exciting, good time, sports, vacation, happy, and successful scenes. 132BPM, G. Thanks for listening, rating and purchasing-)

Description: Electronica - Ambient - ala Peter Gabriel techno anchored by a resonant arpeggio synth and growling electric and acoustic guitar, 95 BPM, Medium

Description: Electronic track with nice beats. It’s great for film, websites, radio, etc.. Works great as a background track.

Description: Modern deep house track with melodic organs and synths combined with pumping beats and beautiful sound effects.This track is perfect for ambient type projects like:travel agency commercials,night life videos,vacation videos background music or any other type of projects. Track is mixed and mastered by professionals so it will sound great on any sound system.

Description: progressive, psy, festival, rave, acid, lsd, experience, offbeat, psychedelic, mdma, trip, forest, hemp

Description: minimal, techno, tech house, house, club, night

Description: dubstep, breaks, dub, hip hop, knife party, miami, edm, ibiza, skrillex, USA, cinematic, soundtrack, theme

Description: This is powerful, joyful, energetic breakbeat track. Heavy drums, surf/ rhythm and blues guitars, scratching, horn section creates an extreme, driving and cheerful mood. Great for film production, TV production, advertising, all kinds of sports. Suitable as background, soundtrack or sound illustration.

Description: Sunken underwater feeling. Spacey synths, delayed drums, guitars.

Description: a waltz, chillout style. features prominent rhodes and interesting percussion. also ambient voices.