Description: Sound of: large party crowd - talking and eating

Description: Ambience / atmosphere recording of a busy restaurant or party environment. Crowd murmurs steadily - great for background ambience.

Description: Stereo recording of a large room with business people talking after a meeting. Loop – able

Description: Restaurant background ambience. Indistinct light conversation, sounds of dishes & glassware, and restaurant phone ringing.

Description: Restaurant background ambience (international crowd).

Description: School, Dishes Clanging, Ambience Restaurants, Cafes & Cafeterias

Description: Restaurant background ambience. Indistinct conversation, and sounds of dishes and glassware.

Description: Loop ready stereo ambience recording of crowd or group of people talking, laughing, and conversing excitedly in a bar, restaurant, conference room, or other casual atmosphere.

Description: A recording of a Busy Coffee Shop.

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