Description: Human Crowd Scream Hip Hip Hooray 01.

Description: This is Noise of the crowd stadium, arena full of people...This fx can be used anywhere – in games and movies, presentations, news, telecasts, like music, background for websites etc…Great for media projects...

Description: Small To Medium Crowd In Small Room: Very Long Applause With Bursts Of Cheering, Whistling Applauding & Clapping Crowds;Cheering Medium Indoor Crowds;Whistling Crowds

Description: Artillery Battle Background; Intense Close Up And Distant Heavy Caliber Machine Gun Fire Throughout With Occasional Artillery Launch And An Explosion At The End. Great Battle Scene.

Description: Ambient Crowd Chatter for Background.

Description: Huge Extended Crowd Ovation, Ebbs And Swells Very Excited Concert Crowd.

Description: Small Studio Audience: Gradeschool Children: Applause And Cheer Applauding & Clapping Crowds;Cheering Small Indoor Crowds;Children Only Crowds

Description: Recording of Applause with Cheering and Clapping.

Description: A bright applause sound with clapping and shouts. It can be used: in games, movies, flash presentations, business projects, video presentations, slideshows, websites, etc.

Description: general walla with authentic living room reverb,kids, and no music in background/great for birthday party walla.