Description: Airy, clean, idealistic and positive modern corporate ambient track made with radio, TV, web commercials/promos in mind. Clear, transparent synth sounds, fashionable in current advertising, with vocals, bass, guitar, cool percussion, fx. Great for finance, insurance, lifestyle & service products.

Description: When listening to this music track you always put your smile on. The fact is that it is so inspiring and positive. The piece gives you good mood and motivates, that is why it is wonderful for commercials, tv and radio shows, promo videos. This corporate tune was created with drums, bass, guitars, claps, strings and synths.

Description: Carefree shiny piece that will bring summer carefree mood into your projects. Good for commercials, shows, podcasts and youtube videos. This positive track features drums, bass and synths.

Description: Delusion is a positive song with an original, unusual harmony, with a sure but broken rhythm. In the track there is a pleasant, peculiar melody of the organ. This corporate track is filled with inspiring sounds, muted electropianino, bongos and organ. BEST FOR: corporate inspirational videos, technological videos, presentations, corporate show videos, business slideshows, background music, television, commercial advertising projects, infographic, documentaries, triumphal videos, inspirational promos and e.t.c.

Description: This modern inspirational track starts with a simple piano hook and quickly establishes a driving drum groove with real bass, electric guitar and subtle synth beds. Tight musical transitions are crafted perfectly for edit points as needed to fit your project. This track is great for any project calling for an uplifting, inspirational mood.

Description: Energetic and uplifting. Features soft synth melodies accompanied by a folky nostalgic sounding guitar. Youthful and proud.

Description: Inspiring and upbeat. Features vibrant high electric guitar melodies accompanied by an energetic live drum beat. Rhythms are constantly evolving to peak interest and give a sense of forward movement.

Description: Soft and Heartfelt. Features dynamic piano and lush vocal harmonies to take it home. Vibrant, powerful and uplifting.

Description: Vibey and uplifting. Features catchy piano melodies accompanied by modern synth sounds and a driving percussive beat. Inspiring and proud.

Description: Uplifting and inspiring. Features confident guitar melodies accompanied by a driving beat and pulsing synth rhythms to give a dynamic, forward moving motion.

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