Description: Corporate, motivational and optimistic background music includes acoustic guitar, electric guitar, distortion guitar, rhythmic drums with club kick, synth. But I love to call it “Motivational Rock” Best for corporate videos, commercials, cinema, advertisement, movie trailer or as web page music.

Description: Fulfilling and light-hearted piano track with strings and airy bells. Bright and careless composition. Seems like the beginning of something amazing. When needing an inspirational and emotional background, nothing can match the motivational elegance of the piano. Piano Inspiration is a beautiful piano composition featuring soft strings and airy glockenspiel. Let this positive piece fill your project with uplifting and joyful emotion. Great for commercials, advertisements, films, television, and wedding videos.

Description: A positive, optimistic and energetic track without solos for easy mixing into all kinds of projects.

Description: This is a motivational and uplifting brit pop/pop rock track. Features electric and acoustic guitars with driving drums, bass and strings. Great for corporate projects, visual media, commercials and more.

Description: A warm and happy track featuring ukulele, guitars, music box and whistling. Great for commercials, videos and presentations that need joyful romantic music.

Description: Uplifting, happy and motivational track featuring acoustic guitars, strings and musicbox. Great for commercials, corporate videos and presentations.

Description: Upbeat funky cool corporate hip-hop, perfect for adding some cool to your presentation, live show, seminar or video. Super funky walking beats, warm synths & horns & a friendly upbeat positive slinky vibe mean that this is the way to make your business or corporation contemporary & the coolest. Instrumental, Corporate Music, Corporate Hip Hop Music

Description: This is modern motivational and inspiring pop track. Features beautiful piano melody, electric guitars, bass guitar, strings, synths, drums and percussion. Great for background in your business projects, presentation, videos, slideshows, TV or commercial.

Description: Heart warming, uplifting, light industrial, piano, strings

Description: Corporate power,confident and positive