Description: Simple corporate presentation background music for your work.

Description: A positive and inspiring track with uplifting melodies, beginning with piano and synth that grow up with dynamic electric guitar to reach a new level. Inspiration by U2, Coldplay, Oasis and Brit Pop. Great for corporate and business motivational projects, Youtube videos, websites, commercials and more.

Description: Explaining, technology and intelligent electronic corporate background music. Warm digital synthesizer, crisp technical sounds, deep bass with calm drums.

Description: This is a track inspired by a feeling of premonition for success, rising to challenges and the pursuit of excellence with determination to achieve what nobody else ever has.

Description: An optimistic, inspiring and motivational track featuring strings, piano and acoustic guitars. Perfect for commercials, film/tv and video.

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Corporate Orchestral

Description: a warm smooth folk, hapy and soft acustic guitars. perfect for corporate presentations and commercials

Description: Light inspiring piece with positive mood. This dreamy features drums, synths, bass and piano. It is good for promo video, presentation, commercial, project about science, technology, business, nature.

Description: If you need a positive uplifting music track for your presentation, promo, commercial video or slideshow, take a look at this piece! Featuring drums, guitar, synthesizer, percussion and claps it will not leave you indifferent. Enjoy inspiring rhythm and motivational melody of this track.

Description: Cinematic instrumental music, composed for piano and orchestra. The mood is very positive, and it has a very strong and marked rhythmic march. Very useful for film and TV series, also other productions wich requires an optimistic and growing song.

Description: Get hyped because this track is meant to hype you up with its minimalistic approach, a static bassline and some string details to spice things up. The track is lead by piano and is proven to be totally non-distracting from a possible overdub, visual media, or even thoughts. Perfect for business enterprsies and business media such as advertisement, with a bit of the sound of christmas in summer.