Description: Uptempo electronica bed theme with a corporate feel - Splitting the atom - Nuclear Psychics, Telecommunications, Social Media, Mobile.

Description: Uptempo electronica bed theme with a corporate feel includes key changes and a tempo change @ 2'12" - Telecommunications, Social Media, Mobile.

Description: Optimistic inspiring music track for commecrials, promos, corporate videos and many more. Light and beautiful, It creates positive atmosphere. The tune features drums, bass, guitars, strings and synths.

Description: Corporate music track, light but inspiring. The melody is created with drums, bass, guitars and synths. Great tune for business presentation, commercial, corporate video, motivational project and more.

Description: Corporate motivational uplifting track, with world percussion, synth patches, guitar, drums and bass. Growing up song form, for gradual uplifting feelings. Ideal for corporate, fashion, presentation, speeching, advertising, broadcasting, and why not for theater, film scoring and documentaries.

Description: This corporate energetic, emotional, hopeful, life-affirming, optimistic, impressing, uplifting, inspiring, bewitching, motivational, upbeat, imponderable, happy and positive.

Description: An exciting, uplifting, upbeat corporate pop track – engaging and energetic, positive, inspiring and motivational!

Description: Bright, motivational pop rock track. Perfect for any project.

Description: Motivational corporate background track.

Description: Motivation Corporate – Its soft, positive, inspiring, uplifting inspirational corporate music. It was written in corporate style. Its has deep, warm, soft sound with fat bass, harmonics guitar, piano, claps, airy drums, energetic melody.