Description: Classical, Traditional, Public Domain, Sad, Somber, Melancholic, Underscore, Sonata, Inspirational, Beautiful, Earnest, Genuine, Heartfelt, Solo, Meaningful

Description: Classical, Traditional, Public Domain, Dark, Emotional, Underscore, Sparse, Haunting, Reflective, Aftermath, Hypnotic, Tragic

Description: Americana, Square Dance, Western, Americana-Country, Country, Country-Traditional, Struttin, Western, Honky Tonk, Fun, Festive, Adventure, in a Adventurous, Fun, Exciting, Energetic mood, featuring Banjo, Drums, with a Fast tempo

Description: Medium slow traditional country waltz. Solo fiddle serenades a sweet little melody.

Description: Traditional country mixed with pop elements. Strong bridge and ending.

Description: Bouncy and upbeat with solo harmonica and melodic guitar create a happy and playful mood.

Description: Bright, upbeat and earthy with a bouncy bluegrass feel and melodic acoustic guitar create a cheerful and carefree mood.

Description: Country, Folk, Traditional, Americana, Heartland, Southern, Texas, South, Rock

Description: Peaceful, reflective Folk/Country track with laid-back southern feel.

Description: Country soundtrack ready for vocals to be added

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