Description: Fast, Airy Swish In & Stop with Record-like Scratch - 3x. 2nd One Could Be A Swish By.

Description: Slow, Rumbley, Metallic Creak Followed By Metallic Squeak, Metallic Impact & Crashing Sound ( I.e. Trailer Falls On Its Side ) .

Description: Funny Repetitive, Rapid, Metal Squeaks ( I.e. Pumping Or Rolling Motion ) .

Description: Stretching-screwing Something-someone Into A Very Tight Place.

Description: Funny Musical Creaks ( I.e. Object Swinging Back & Forth ) ( Violin ) .

Description: Multi-toned, High Pitched, UFO In & Land Or Hover [stereo].

Description: Synth, short Wave Radio Tuning In.

Description: Medium-low Pitched, Oscillating Hum with Metallic Chimes.

Description: Synthesized Oscillating Violin ( I.e. Space Ship Racing Towards Earth ).

Description: Rapid To Slow, Low-pitched, Multiple Swishes.