Description: Girl Screams, Long, High-pitched, Scared.

Description: Funny Man Yawns with Inhale, Stretching Groans & Big Yawn - 6x.

Description: Big, Quiet Yawn & Lip Smacks ( I.e. Waking Up ) .

Description: Man Yawns Softly with Whispery, Vocal 'ahhh' - 2x.

Description: Funny, Human Razz - 3x. 1st-finger Up & Down On Lip 'bla-bla-bla', 2nd-tongue Movement Back & Forth with Higher-pitched 'bla-bla-bla', 3rd-vocal Razz.

Description: Vocal 'br-r-r-r' ( I.e. Chilling Sensation ) .

Description: Small Group Of Men Pant Tiredly Then They All Gasp 'huh' - 2x.

Description: Small Group Of Men 'ahhh' - Pleasant Tone - 3x.