Description: reminiscing about one in a persons life.

Description: A tribute to Scotland, its beauty, culture and people.

Description: A commentary about a relationship at a distance.

Description: "The Missouri sun shines down upon the lakes and the tall green trees. . . " A Beautiful Country, Country Rock, or Pop Love Song about Long Distance Romance. Check out the "Instrumental" Version under Easy Listening Category, and Add Your Own Voice and/or lyrics and words! Sheet Music (Lead sheets) available on request!

Description: Slow, somber country blues featuring slide guitar.

Description: Dark, epic rocker in waltz time.

Description: A song about the present imbalances of the world these days.

Description: instrumental song that portrays the idea of loneliness back in the days of the old west.

Description: jangly acoustic guitar driven pop song with george harrison-like slide guitar and mandolin solo

Description: A short story about how love can come when you least expect it featuring the pedal steel playing of former Buck Owens pedal steel player Jerry Brightman.

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