Description: country instrumental various instruments and hand claps

Description: Country fusion composition with whistle tune, electric, slide guitars, banjo, "live" bass, electric piano, synth pads, drums.

Description: country cross over Its about a user, past tense man, a bad guy, a promiser who cannot keep a promise. there aint no future for us, youre just a past tense man hand claps in final chorus

Description: Mid tempo country song, female vocal. About a woman who was always giving in a relationship and her man was always taking. She ultimately leaves him.

Description: Mid tempo country song, female vocal, multiple instruments. About a woman who was always giving to her boyfriend but he was selfish and kept on taking. She finally leaves him. Cute lyrics, great instrumentation and arrangement, and vocal.

Description: Emotional Country love song with full band and male vocals. Uplifting, passionate atmosphere.

Description: Country love song with emotional, sentimental feel. Male vocals and full band.

Description: Uplifting, emotional Country Rock track with driving beat, guitars and male vocals. Catchy and fun!!

Description: Upbeat, uplifting modern Country/Rock track driving beat, guitars and piano. Feel-good atmosphere, happy-go-lucky atmosphere.

Description: southern rock rhythm and blues.