Description: Acoustic, guitar, acoustic guitar

Description: the singer observes a stranger at a distance and how they both seem to share the same feelings, thoughts, broken heart, and concludes how hearts hurt the same, no matter the pain that brought the heart to it's state in the first place. And the turn around in the bridge, the possibility that the stranger almost did see the singer looking at him almost breaking through the singers detached observations of him into actually having a direct connection.

Description: Instrumental ambient down tempo electronic

Description: Adult contemporary instrumental featuring various string and wind instruments. Possible uses can range from commercials, trailers, calm scenes, etc.

Description: Country pop pretty song. A good wedding theme. Or about finally finding that someone or something. Also good for a coffee or gasoline commercial

Description: Reflective, melancholic modern Country song with driving full band and male vocals.

Description: easy happy guitar based feelgood instrumental with great groove and melody.

Description: Uplifting, emotional Country Pop track with full band and male vocals.

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