Description: A Bright fun and light ukulele is joined by light percussion, bass and a happy piano and bell melody.

Description: A Bright fun and light ukulele is joined by light percussion, bass and a happy piano and bell melody.

Description: Walking in the Sunshine is a peaceful and laid back acoustic track with plenty of feel good and happy vibes. Ideal for advertising and as mellow theme music. Picture a family or couple strolling throught a park or down a country road with a carefree outlook on life. Features medium tempo fingerpicked acoustic accompanied by acoustic guitar, piano and glockenspiel providing a nice melody backed by an unobtrusive percussion and drum groove.

Description: This country underscore is perfect for a video, TV production or advertisement. It features a playful banjo piece. It is creates an atmosphere that is Up-beat, Funky, and Strong. You can just visualize your main character strutting across the stage with bold confidence.

Description: Instrumental country ballad with acoustic guitar and strings. Beautiful love song, romantic feel.

Description: Two Step, Western, Country, Country-Contemporary, Americana-Country, Americana, Blue Grass, Fun, Western, Groovy, Hi Energy, Feel Good, Excited, in a Exciting, Fun, Energetic mood, featuring Bass, Mandolin, Drums, with a Very Fast tempo

Description: A knee slapping, toe tapping good time is what your audience will have with this underscore. It is a display of rock country at its best! Driving and bold, your audience will ride off into the sunset. It will catapult your audience out of their seat to engage in an old fashioned hoe down. Capture the hearts and minds of your clients by selecting this wonderfully written underscore.

Description: Lively Country Rock track with classic southern feel.

Description: Fun, Rhythmic acoustic driven piece that has a pop country feel. It is uplifting and playful in nature. Perfect for video, product commercial, family product placement.

Description: Americana, Americana-Folk, Rock, Rock-Folk, Beautiful, Ballad, Laid Back, Pleasant, Panoramic, Carefree, Charming, Positive, Reflective, Relaxed, Romantic, Sensual, Sentimental, Delicate, Feel Good, Flowing, Smooth, Soft, Tender, Happy, Uplifting, Gentle, Western, Traveling, in a Heartwarming, Positive, Reflective, Sensitive, Emotional, Exciting, Happy, Energetic mood, featuring Guitar, Acoustic, with a Fast tempo

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