Description: Happy spring medoly, includes guitars drum and bass. Best for your video or something else. Two versions of this song in zip archive - standart and version without solo.

Description: This fun and spirited production is a great underscore to any commercial dealing with a laid back, country approach to life. It is relaxing and upbeat. It would be a great addition to any travel show or documentary focusing on the Mid-West. Deep in the hills and hollers of Tennessee, you can find enchanting music like this at bluegrass festivals on any given weekend. Grab your partner and let’s go.

Description: This youthful song is simple & sincere. The light acoustic guitar, soaring violin, rhythmic sunny mandolin, fun bells, bouncy upright bass & calm background vocals make it fresh, lively & joyful. While catchy, uplifting & upbeat it feels sentimental, nostalgic & sweet. Carefree, warm & vibrant.

Description: The warm acoustic guitar is gentle & fresh. The carefree upright bass is cheerful & bouncy. The bright glockenspiel bells are optimistic light & hopeful. The playful Ukelele is innocent & youthful. The vibrant melodica is intelligent & quirky. the calm drums & breezy tambourine are relaxed & upbeat.

Description: Americana, Americana-Country, Blue Grass, Country, Country-Traditional, Western, Nostalgic, Campy, Fun, Western, in a Playful mood, featuring Guitar, Acoustic, Banjo, with a Mid tempo

Description: Specialty, Blue Grass, Documentary, Drama, Panoramic, Adventure, Nature, Regional, Western, Traveling, Carefree, Feel Good, Fun, Capricious, Cheery, Light, Charming, Confident, Domestic, Ethnic, Floating, Flowing, Quaint, Positive, Honky Tonk, in a Adventurous, Reflective, Positive, Happy mood, featuring Banjo, Orchestra, with a Varied tempo

Description: This is a very happy lively traditional banjo instrumental.Starts with solo banjo then bass and drums.Ideal for Country Bluegrass,Hoedown,Western,Jazz Dixieland theater Showboat Carnival cues.

Description: This is a very happy lively traditional banjo instrumental.Ideal for Showboat,Theater,Bluegrass,Hoedown, western or Carnival cues.