Description: A cat's purring. Just the deep bass isolated from the rest of the audio spectrum.

Description: Coqui is very small frogs that are from Puerto Rico. They are known for their loud mating calls.

Description: Loop ready stereo ambience recording of a busy beehive buzzing with activity as a swarm of bees fly around and make honey for their queen bee.

Description: Loop ready stereo sound recording of a large swarm of mosquitoes or other insects buzzing as they fly around. This sound evokes the miserable side of a rainy camping trip in the woods, or suffering through a hot, humid summer day when the bugs are in full force.

Description: Loop ready audio recording of a large swarm of flies buzzing as they fly and swarm around some type of insect feast such as a manure pile, road kill, rotting garbage, etc.

Description: Loop ready stereo audio recording of a swarm of bees, hornets, wasps, etc. buzzing loudly as they fly around their hive or nest.

Description: A varied collection of British European birds singing dominated by crows perfectly looping for a continuous nature ambiance

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