Description: Birds, Seagulls, Harbour, Waves; Digiffects; Birds; Harbors & Beaches

Description: Ocean Ambience With Seagulls And Heavy Surf, Close Perspective.

Description: Pigeons Feeding, Close Group Wing Flutters In City Park. Most Pigeon Activity In First; 50 Of Track, Then Continuation Of Park Ambience; Variety Of Birds Chirp And Squawk, Distant Traffic Roar. D.

Description: Lion Feeding. Group Of Lions Feed At Night On A Zebra Carcass. Bone Crunching And Flesh Chomping Are Heard. Growls And Chuffs With Crickets Chirping In The Background.

Description: Continuous Slight Cicada Swells With Birds And Wind.

Description: Cicada Ratchet Swells, Single Close Perspective. Steady Buzz Which Rises And Lowers In Intensity.

Description: Australian Bush Ambience, Air, Water, B/G Birds, Ambience, Foreign World Ambiences; Australia & New Zealand

Description: Angry large dog growling and snarling ( soft & loud ).

Description: Chickadee, Black-capped Tweets. Thin, High-pitched Tweets With Similar Birds Chirping In The Background. Medium Perspective.