Description: A vocal-heavy soul song combining urban and rock instrumentation with two distinct sections.

Description: Funky guitar slinks over soul drums in this mid tempo soundtrack.

Description: Finger popping, soul funkin' mid tempo organ workout. Booker T, anyone?

Description: Permanent basis, because bass party consists of one note.

Description: A very nice Hall & Oats sounding cue great for any media.

Description: A cool Neo Soul Funk cue great for any media.

Description: Jazz flavored RnB track with really nice sax work.This definitely has an old school Motown smooth vibe that grooves,ever so nicely.Make some love if that's your desire.Or make up after a break up.

Description: Deep reflexion music with a beautiful ambient and delayed drums.

Description: Flash Mob. Creative cool music. Powerful smooth hip-hop rhythm and solo reefs of acoustic guitar. DJ elements. Motivating music, which is suitable for different media projects, presentations, web sites, computer games, and many other projects.