Description: A stuttered start with expanding and contracting melody lines make this explosive piece jump out at you with an electronic flair that could liven up a corporate video, add excitement to an adventurous video game, or accompany a 'get up and do it' montage in a movie.

Description: Groovy bossa with organ resulting in a warping climax

Description: High energy aerobic, exciting, rave floor feel

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Aerobics and Workout

Description: Funky dance music, EDM with funky sound. Available versions: Full track, 1min. and 30sec. edit.

Description: Bass bomb, dance rap, hard driving, aerobic workout

Description: Uplifting and friendly background music with strong feeling of summer and freshness. Funk guitars and a dance beat underscore give the track a good sense of motion and forward drive, and great groove. Available versions: full track, 1:14 and 30sec. edit.

Description: Short but epic orchestral intro with an uplifting feel of something unfolding.

Description: This is ashore version of uplifting pop rock track that starts off with a piano intro, slowly building on a catchy guitar riff and powerful drums . Perfect for any inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects!