Description: Catchy strings melodically riding to a rap beat

Description: Simple catchy but effective breakbeat

Description: This loop is a laid back hip hop beat with kick drum, snare and hi hat.

Description: Dark ice cold rap beat with an orchestral backing

Description: Thick and banging MPC swing style kicks, snares, hats, and percussion, panning string stabs, low sub bass, jazz piano chord hits, and harp & electric guitar fills / Perfect loop for a project that needs organic west coast hip-hop with a laid back vibe / Loop is 8 bars at 80 BPM

Description: "Smooth HipHop Looper" is a mellow und relaxed pattern which contains besides a cool HipHop Drum Beat a nice synth bass and organ. It's like being in the golden times of HipHop.

Description: Loop for your media design. A minor, 100bpm, 4/4.

Description: Funky and smooth classic MPC style East Coast 90's hip-hop drums, rich and full analog moog synth bass, and a feel good panning and chopped MPC style Rhodes chord pattern made to sound like a sample / Loop is 8 bars at 100 BPM

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