Description: Frederic Chopin Prelude Op. 28 No.8

Description: a lovely piece remenisent of polish folk mixed with western 'filmic' music...

Description: song that is typically played at the end of a wedding ceremony when the bride and groom are walking down the aisle to depart.

Description: Thoughtful, caring and gentle light theme. Features steady rhythmic harp with gently swelling synth pads and strings into piano harp and strings. Contains mood and pace changes. Perfect for human emotion, nature and the natural world. Main mix, piano u/score, 60, 30 and 10sec versions

Description: A beautiful, gentle music, which gives us a charge only warm emotions. I think that kind of music to please everybody.

Description: Tender and emotional string piece.

Description: Frederic Chopin Prelude Op. 28 No.15

Description: Heavenly harps, beautiful and melodic, the introduction of strings and mournful cello give the cue an emotional and anxious depth but the overall feeling is one of celestial purity and innocence. Wonderful orchestral swell later in the track

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