Description: A short electric guitar loop played in octaves on clean channel (no distortion).

Description: Electro dance beats to the Max! Mid tempo, insistent clubby dance with a darker sleazier side, perfect for steamy adult entertainment. Also great for cutting edge fashion with attitude - very contemporary. Underscore version ideal for technical voice-over scripts 7 cutting edge Audio Visuals. Also main mix, underscore, 60sec & 2 x 30sec versions

Description: A quirky solo piano track that has good pace and a dark feel.

Description: A hypnotizing solo electric guitar track featuring tremolo and light distortion.

Description: A dark and effected solo electric guitar track with cool delay and a hypnotic vibe.

Description: A medium tempo cymbal scape with an intriguing tone.

Description: A slow moving cymbal scape track with low sweeping pads.

Description: A dark and distorted solo electric guitar track with good movement.

Description: A kind of riff played on kalimba. Best for ethnic use or film scores

Description: Melodic and harmonic synth lead with lots of vibrato and reverb.