Description: action, sports, motivational, uplifting, electric guitar, brass, piano, olympic, orchestral

Description: Perfect for the start of any event, or login. Tempo - 130bpm.

Description: Pulsing with orchestral elements, a mood of intrigue, adventure and time sensitive urgency depicting a newsroom scene.

Description: This is an powerful, driven news theme that is great for podcasts, product reviews, news, and other productions that need an exciting and emotive backing track. Good for technology adverts, reviews and other promotional videos. Features synth arpeggios, a simple bass line, a sting for beginning and ending your production as well

Description: A cool modern news report takes place in a Hi Tech Studio! Full of current affair style sounds, and modern news music melodies, the perfect piece of News Music for your next news report. There is also 15, 30, 60, Hits and Stingers available in this Modern News Report Music Pack!

Description: A high tempo news music theme perfect for a serious current affairs TV program with hard hitting news headlines! Great for ABC, BBC, ITV, Fox News, Sky News and many more! A great piece of serious news and current affairs music to start your news report with the right sound and attitude. There are also 15, 30, 60, Full Mix and Lighter Mixes available.

Description: A short sketch on orchestral instruments for the jingle between scenes, programs on television and radio news broadcasts. Usefull for ringtone, jingle, screensaver.