Description: Swirling, Dancing, Wafting, Strauss

Description: solo piano plays simple melody in a/b/a pattern, resolving to fade of final chord. suggested for romantic, nostalgic or intimate scenes.

Description: guitar instrumental.

Description: acoustic,guitar,sad,emotional,romantic,mood music, relaxation, meditation, reflection, thoughtful, quiet.

Description: This acoustic grand piano & solo violin duet is an elegant rendition of the sacred Christian hymn "For the Beauty of the Earth". The calm, bright, tender melodies are sweet, simple & sincere. Rich, fresh & clean harmonies are soft, light & smooth. Serene, joyful & airy yet soaring, serious & classy.

Description: acoustic guitar, female vocals.

Description: Melancholic and evocative theme. Violin and 2 classical guitars

Description: This composition is ideal for travel or a small trip. In other case, can be used in quality background music in your project. Pure spatial bit and easy melody. This track causes especial mood.

Description: Sensual, lyrical composition, which can be a good backdrop for your media of project

Description: A soft, tender and gentle love song featuring guitars and female vocals.