Description: Easy Listening, Groovy, Funky, Smooth, Relaxed, Sensual, Laid Back, in a Reflective mood, featuring Drums, Sax, Vocals, Female, with a Mid tempo

Description: easylistening, melancholy, Ambient, dreamy, dramatic, easy, elegant, epic, hypnotic, light, magical, meditative, mystical, nature, relaxed, romantic, sentimental, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano, violin, orchestra

Description: Bouncy, light, romantic theme

Description: This is a spiritual track for relaxation and sleep,put me to sleep every time,I have a 20 minute version,it's soothing and reviving as well.

Description: This emotional music with beautiful melody and mood changes is well suited for your video clips, movies, it is perfect for cinematic scene. Enjoy and good luck with it!

Description: Relaxed, Light groove, piano & woodwinds

Description: Lounge music. Suitable for romantic, documentary, cinematic type projects, corporate videos, games, business presentations and other right contents.

Description: This track is generally usable for business media design projects like image videos, presentations, documentaries, for TV, broadcast, lounge rooms, as well as weather forecast background music or just for your own relaxtion.

Description: Light guitar rock, carefree, positive

Description: Light pop classical, playful, joyous