Description: Rousing, uplifting and inspirational gospel underscore. Warm and caring, gently building the chorus crescendo in the middle. Full of warmth and love with a really positive vibe. Features piano and gospel choir. Great for voicing-over for documentary, reality TV or radio and television commercials. 60 and 30sec full and underscore mixes

Description: Warm, laid back and caring acoustic underscore. Heartwarming and easy, in a spiritual contemporary Christian style. Perfect for Sunday morning worship style TV shows or human interest and caring radio and television commercials. Features acoustic guitars, piano and strings. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Airy, clean, idealistic and positive modern corporate ambient track made with radio, TV, web commercials/promos in mind. Clear, transparent synth sounds, fashionable in current advertising, sax, vocals, bass, guitar, drums, vibes. Great for finance, insurance, lifestyle & service products. Female Vocals, Corporate, Corporate Jazz

Description: IInstrumental music made for piano solo. This composition is a short piece inspired from the popular greensleeves. The mood is poignant and sentimental, also sad and calm. The rhytm is slow and dynamic, and fits very well on emotional scenes, as a background.

Description: I present to You a Positive acoustic track with string (pizzicato), electric guitar, piano and drums. It creates a wonderful joyful atmosphere and gives a happy mood all around.

Description: Airy, transparent, inspiring and uplifting instrumental composition. Catchy guitar phrases, motivating electric guitar theme in the chorus, soft pads, tender piano, string and light rhythm section, all this creates the necessary mood of confidence, the will to win and ease of being. Perfect for corporate presentations, sound illustration, soundtrack for the film or flash video.

Description: Cool and stylish lounge instrumental music, featuring floating rhodes piano, bright bass groove, dreamy jazz guitar and solid beat creating a glamorous and sensual atmosphere.

Description: Nice audio track with soft and cool sounds. Harmony in analog pads, characteristic rhythm which goes smoothly with harmony and rhythm synth bass patterns. Above all is a piano lead melody like feeling of chilling. Great track for background videos and various purposes

Description: Optimistic and motivational instrumental with acoustic guitar, vibes, and relaxing pads.

Description: Instrumental composition with a guitar melody, the synthesizers hold harmony. Sad mood

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