Description: An easy listening guitar track that changes riff and drum pattern every few bars so as to not get bored, can be looped endlessly for any kind of usage. elevator music

Description: piano vith viola, easy listening

Description: Sweet inspirational loop. Easy listening full of gentleness and intimacy.

Description: Loop melody with simple bongo drum pattern and piano solo.

Description: Sensual and stylish track with deep electro piano, cool synths and electric guitar.

Description: Great track for your successful advertising. Festive motivational corporate upbeat tune, using acoustic guitar, ukulele, piano, clarinet and strings pizzicato. Perfect for promotion, advertising, tv, radio and web production, screensavers, business positive movie and many other)

Description: This chipper and upbeat tune is bright and optimistic, starting out with a simple melody played on the piano, and soon joined by a ukulele, electric piano, drums, bass and percussion. Evokes images of a sunny day with nothing better to do than to go out and buy stuff.

Description: This is my new Chill Fashion background music track, relaxing thoughtful 35s music melodious loop with a calm and positive mood. This is stylish pensive 35sec composition for your business projects with pop soft lounge sound and beautiful fashion mood, which include different bright instruments – electric guitars, filter pad, synths, soft live drums, fx, etc…This looped track can be used as a musical background for websites, in video games and video, fashion photo slideshow, summer party video presentations, etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!

Description: This morning woke up at peace

Description: Positive motivation tune mainly with acoustic instruments.