Description: This is very positive and uplifting composition,with upbeat guitar chords,marimba solo and melodic guitar theme.Happy,cheerful, energetic music for corporate video, ideal background for website, advertising, TV show and other media projects.

Description: Lonely and Sad Melodies that are very emotional. A walk in a city at night all alone. The track is a nice combination of electric piano, synths, electronic drums and strings.

Description: Cheerful, joyful song,with happy vibe ,positive and uplifting melody in retro style.The track consists of a acoustic guitar,contrabass,saxophone, vibraphone and claps.Perfect music for corporate video, website, advertising, TV show and other media projects.

Description: A groovy festive acoustic guitar song with a pirate feeling. Nice partying vibe. Reminds in some way of The pirates in Caribbean by Hans Zimmer. Suites projects where you want a guitar with a medieval groovy beat. acoustic, guitar, tv, pirates, caribbean, Zimmer, Bright, Kids Music, elegant, playful, optimistic, positive, easy, plain, Friendly, Happy, Joyful, Playful, Hopeful, Carefree, Magical, partying, Cheerful, Animation, Childish, Free, Innocent, inspirational, amine, background, fairy tale, medieval, relaxed, contemplative, underscore, cartoon, children's, animation, groovy, summer, medium tempo

Description: Pretty mellow Easy Listening loop that can be played endless. (30 s. long)

Description: This emotional music with beautiful melody and mood changes is well suited for your video clips, movies, it is perfect for cinematic scene. Enjoy and good luck with it!

Description: Sweet track with a simple and intimate melody that remains in the memory. Excellent for: spots, presentations, home videos.

Description: A very natural and light track with a warm sound. Acoustic guitar with glockenspiel melodies, marimba, flute and pizzicato strings for a happy mood.

Description: Inspirational uplifting background pop music for different settings. Promo, slide show, commercial, business corporate etc. It's emotional positive acoustic pop with motivational background setting. Guitar, bass and drums. Nice and groovy acoustic pop. Loppable advertisement, optimistic, bright, business, uplifting, acoustic pop, happy, optimistic, pop Hope, achievement, acoustic, guitar, pop assured, background, bass, confident, uplifting corporate, driving, drums, easy, uplifting pop elegant, emotional, expectation, hopeful, inspirational, pop inspiring acoustic pop

Description: Very laid back Bossa Nova type of style track. Perfect for a love scene or a romantic kissing scene. Thanks for listening and purchasing!