Description: Success story. From simple naivete to steady state. Step by step, forward to victory.

Description: A smooth, jazzy track with a touch of electronica, evoking a cool lounge feel on a humid summer night.

Description: This is emotional classical piece featuring acoustic guitars and acoustic bass.

Description: A heartfelt piece featuring light acoustic guitar, piano melody and soft bells. Perfect for capturing that moment of something sweet and endearing. Also available: non-loop version with song ending.

Description: Mid Tempo, smooth jazz, jazzy, rain, weather channel, easy listening, cool, waterfall, relaxing, electric piano, acoustic guitar, strings, vibes, instrumental, background, Music, beat, track.

Description: Mid tempo, Smooth, Pop, R&B, Jazzy, Relaxed, Romantic, In Love, Lover, Relationships, trumpets, pianos, strings, TV, Film, Video Game, Youtube, Movie, Soundtrack, Instrumental, Background, Music, Beat, Track.

Description: Mid Tempo, Jazzy, smooth, traveling, deployed, homesick, missing you, family, Relationships, In Love, pianos, harmonica, synths, congas, instrumental, background, music, track.

Description: Driving instrumental tune featuring acoustic guitar as the lead melodic instrument with a full 5 piece backup.

Description: Peaceful flute melody with African style percussion and kalimba, later combined with some accordion and acoustic guitar. Especially suitable for nature films and presentations.

Description: Up tempo, Jazzy, Funky, Jazz, Summertime, Fun, Outdoors, Chill, SlapBass, Smooth Jazz, Synths, Smooth, Strings Cool, Instrumental, background, music, beat, track