Description: A funky track with cool guitar and clavinet. Organ and brass help out the vibe.

Description: A pretty disco dance track with flowing strings and synthesizer melodies.

Description: dance song melodic pop rock dreamy classic ballad.

Description: A friendly and light funk track with cool drums, percussion and funky guitars.

Description: As the title suggests, this track floats along and will transport you to the seventies. It is very jazzy with piano, flute, acoustic bass and very percussive drums.

Description: A seventies inspired track with a great disco beat! It has wah-wah guitars, string lines and a whole lot of fun.

Description: dance, instrumental, tv theme music, sax and flute.

Description: funky house with slap bassline & jangly guitars & string licks.

Description: A 70s sounding disco funk track

Description: A very funky track with wah-wah guitars, cool bass and a wicked drum groove.