Description: Disco, Historic, Historic-1970'S, Vibrant, Fun, Excited, Confident, Bright, Big, Active, Action, Whimsical, Brassy, Campy, in a Aggressive, Exciting, Fun mood, featuring Drums, Guitar, Electric, Bass, Synth, Brass, with a Fast, Mid tempo

Description: Dance Pop Track, upbeat, lively, dynamic, powerful

Description: A 70s sounding disco funk track

Description: Disco, Nostalgic, Pulsing, Groovy, Monotonous, Fun, in a Fun mood, featuring Drums, Bass, Synth, Electric, Guitar, Keyboard, with a Fast tempo

Description: Ride the groovy disco train back to the 70s with this fun dance track. It has everything from slap bass and wah guitar to soaring strings to perfectly capture the stereotypical sound of the 1970s. This simple track is great for video games or that moment when someone walks into a movie or TV scene sporting bell bottoms, a tight t-shirt, and large sunglasses.

Description: A track with a modern Funk groove influenced by Daft Punk Get Lucky and all the Random Access Memories album. A mix of modern Dance House sound and a old fashion funky groove mix. A trendy, funky French disco-house track in a contemporary style, ideal for source music for movies, dance scenes, fashion shows, background music for TV, radio and movies. A feel-good song ;).

Description: Tropical/Salsa/Dance uptempo song w/English female vocals by Jocelyn Brown, uniting people via a new dance craze combining R&B/Mambo/Merengue/Samba. Celebratory feel with Larry Harlow's full Salsa band including horn/percussion section, mixed chorus. Fits film/TV theme/underscoring, dance/club scenes, beverages, travel/vacation ad, Mixed Vocals, Dance Music, Latin House

Description: This is an electronic song with female vocals and catchy melodies succulent.

Description: Dance mix "sampling" there is a sound of a girl singer