Description: Short, transitional version of ww200038.

Description: The famous British anthem played on a dark, slightly out.

Description: Electric piano, gospel organ, and orchestral version of the classic.

Description: Electric piano plays America the Beautiful, then launches into modern funky groove.

Description: Positive and negative spot version of America the Beautiful, with dramatic interlude, but positive conclusion.

Description: national french anthem french touch francais FRANCE french national anthem main theme with 4 stings and remix World Music French Cinema accordéon bal populaire France french

Description: National Anthems, Ethnic, Ethnic-France, Patriotic, Positive, Proud, Confident, in a Confident mood, featuring Piano, Acoustic, with a Mid tempo

Description: Gentle electric piano/synth version of the patriotic classic.

Description: This surprisingly sad "America the Beautiful" features soft, dissonant strings as Old Glory struggles to emerge. It's patriotic, but mournful. Then suddenly proud.

Description: Grand instrumental version of Canada's national anthem.