Description: orchestral theme, brass, strings & percussion.

Description: A happy-go-lucky cross between Folk, Bluegrass and Pop, this track bounces along at a high tempo with acoustic guitars playing happy melodies. A nice track for the simple joys, happiness and great times.

Description: Dramatic orchestral piece with Western feel

Description: Rock Pop Electronic New Age Industrial Moderate Medium Up-tempo Positive Confident Strong Strength Dignified Proud Synthesizer Drums Bass French horn Strings Percussion Morning Travelling Moving American Industry Politics Elections Television TV Radio Advertizing Panorama.

Description: American popular traditional waltz with accordion, mandolin bajno, violin, guitars. The lyrics to 'Lincoln and Liberty' were written by Jesse Hutchinson in 1859 and set to a popular Irish melody

Description: Traditional American tune played on a tack piano. Happy and uplifting version, played on an old pub or saloon bar style piano. Catchy and foot-tapping song written in 1899. Great for Cowboy and saloon bar recreations in comedy, drama, documentary or radio and Television commercials. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Spaghetti Western is acoustic country track with harmonica, flute, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, banjo and upbeat drums. Catchy melody sounds like music from a spaghetti western movie. Perfect for radio, TV, advertising, video production, background music, slideshows, websites, YouTube channel and more!

Description: Soundtrack, Cinematic Jazz, Dark, Uplifting, Peter Gunn, Retro, Cool, Mystery, Action, Drama, Tension, Hypnotic, Reflective, Mission Impossible

Description: Recently, I got a chance to visit the Music Instrument Museum in Phoenix. I was in my element! I recommend it as a must-see destination when visiting the valley. The museum has an instrument called the Apollonia, a 25 ft. long behemoth manufactured in Antwerp in 1926 that weighs over TWO TONS. The entire instrument had to be shipped in 3 parts... Anyway, the instrument is basically a player piano on steroids, and the music it plays inspired this track. I named it the Nickel March because most player pianos of old (erroneously called nickelodeons) cost 5 cents to play. Enjoy!

Description: Slow and leisurely composition.In the style of the Wild West.With a vibrant slide guitar and harmonica.Suitable for video and film production.