Description: Blues Specialty Vocals Americana Guitar Electric Male Mid

Description: Прощай! Мы никогда не встретимся! Goodbye! We will never meet!

Description: Этот трек может быть использован в фильме\мультфильме. Например :душа (колокольчик) получает впечатления от путешествия по разным мирам нашего сознания. This track can be used in the movie \ cartoon. For example: the soul (bell) receives impressions from the journey through different worlds of our consciousness.

Description: christmas song new age instrumental acoustic guitar. Gentle and soft in performance. Emotional and heartwarming.

Description: electronica, experimental, trip hop, ambient, techno, dance, club, lounge, underground, house, vocals, sexy, cinematic, electro

Description: nostalgic, piano solo, as though looking into the past, memories flowing past.

Description: Bright Rambling Traveling Uplifting Panoramic Alternate Mix

Description: Classical, Traditional, Public Domain, Dark, Emotional, Underscore, Sparse, Haunting, Reflective, Aftermath, Hypnotic, Tragic

Description: Bright Traveling Uplifting Panoramic Positive Alternate Guitar