Description: Radiant, Dappled, Flirtatious

Description: This sound-alike piece to Moby's' Extreme Ways' takes you through the raw and melancholic emotions affiliated with being lost and trying to find your way.

Description: a capella version of the star spangled banner. bree was chosen to sing this at dodger stadium in la.

Description: "Typical ""Spaghetti Western"" theme with orchestra and voices and even a whistler ".

Description: Bouncy and sparkly featuring electric guitar in the style of Country music depicting a Christmas holiday scene.

Description: Ascending repititions of Charge! into the famous theme played on ball.

Description: Military, Active, Action, Chase, Determined, Dramatic, Driving, Hi Energy, Intense, Urgent, in a Aggressive, Powerful mood, featuring Drums, Percussion, with a Fast tempo

Description: Military, Drama, Orchestral, Drama-Epic, Drama-Adventure, Anticipation, Broad, Confident, Percussive, Proud, Dramatic, Positive, Epic, Majestic, in a Emotional, Positive, Poignant mood, featuring Strings, Drums, Snare, Orchestra, with a Mid tempo