Description: instrumental track - theatre soundtrack - una storia di streghe.

Description: acoustic guitar with electric guitar melodies.

Description: Blues Specialty Vocals Americana Guitar Electric Male Mid

Description: Drum and Fife with some horns come together for warfare

Description: A new take on an old Christmas favorite.

Description: christmas instrumental featuring a very hip and groovin trumpet. Vocals that are also very cool

Description: Rock-1980'S, Rock, Industry & Technology, Urban, Rock-Soft Rock, Bump & Grind, Celestial, Sparkling, Dreamy, Nature, Technological, Futuristic, in a Reflective, Mysterious mood, featuring Drums, Machine, Synth, with a Mid tempo

Description: electronica, experimental, trip hop, ambient, techno, dance, club, lounge, underground, house, vocals, sexy, cinematic, electro