Description: A jazzy and quirky polka with a sultry jazz melody played by accordion, bass clarinet, acoustic guitar, drums and tuba emulating an upright bass.

Description: A very bebop oriented polka ala Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie that swings hard with jazz accordion, clarinet, acoustic guitar, drums and a maniacal tuba player.

Description: A very energetic and lively polka featuring twin accordion leads, clarinet, acoustic guitar, trombone, flute, tuba and drums.

Description: This is pure a pizzicato variant of Slovak folk polka.

Description: A busy accordion melody hilights this friendly and light track. It has some clarinet support as well.

Description: a slightly lazy polka (tempowise) for the couch potato featuring accordion, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, tuba, mandolin and drums.

Description: A winking uptempo track about our friends from Russia having fun with lots of vodka and dancing until the daybreak. Pay attention to the man with the false beard... ;-)

Description: a very dramatic and frenetic polka with accordion, clarinet, tuba, drums, piano, flute and trombone.

Description: Quirky instrumental 1960s style polka rock n’ roll

Description: a very broadway sounding polka with accordion, clarinet, guitar, trombone, tuba and drums.