Description: Energetic groovy music track with drums, guitars, bass, piano, brass, electronic organ and percussion. Funk piece that makes you move. This uplifting tune can be used in various creative projects, commercials, movie scenes, pocasts, youtube videos.

Description: Catchy funk music track with bright trombone accompanied by drums, bass, guitars, percussion and piano. This uplifting stylish piece is so good for summer projects, vacation videos, fashion vlogs and any creative videos you can think of. Bright optimistic piece.

Description: Uplifting funky music track for your stylish projects. This positive vibe will sound good in commercial, tv or radio program, fashion projects. The tune features drums, bass, guitars, synths, strings, piano and percussion.

Description: The track contains everything you need for the project – style, positive mood, and great instruments like drums, bass, guitars, percussion, synths and piano. Great summer vibe for careless vacations, relaxation, commercials, shows and videos about sunny days.

Description: Enjoy this summer full of new adventures, fun, and parties with friends! This funk music track creates atmosphere of carefree summer mood, vacations and just good times. The main instruments are drums, bass, guitars, synths, piano, strings and flute.

Description: This is stylish funky commercial instrumental track. It is funny, because based on strumming ukulele groove. Good music stuff for presentation and promo video.

Description: Funky Retro Criminals is a cool and groovy retro funky hip hop beat that’s perfect for detective scenes, spy movies, heist movies, action scenes, secret agent missions, retro thrillers, sneaky adventures, funny commercials, quirky cartoons, kids games, playful pets, and much more!

Description: This theme is written in the style of jazz-rock, funk, which can not help liking fans of these genres ... Here sounds a typical Hohner clavinet ... Music is written for listening to those who love a rhythmically and harmoniously diverse style ...

Description: This work is in the style of jazz-rock, in the traditions of Herbie Hancock ... Here sounds great Hohner clavinet ... Suitable for listening to fans in the style of jazz-rock ...

Description: This theme is a rhythmic structure is very unusual, which should attract attention ... Sounds interesting in its timbre piano ... Suitable for rhythmic filling in video ...

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