Description: A fun, energetic and stylish funky track with positive mood. Great choice if you need a groovy vibe for for film, websites, radio, tv show, movie, advertising, web backgrounds, video projects etc. Features guitars, bass, drums, brass and synths.

Description: Energizing positive funk music track. Rhythmical melody makes it perfect for adverts and videos about sport, travelling, fun. Included instruments: guitar, bass, drums, brass, organ. This upbeat piece can be used in mobile application, commercial video, even movie. Thanks for listening!

Description: Electric Guitar blues with Horns, Bass and Drums. up tempo with a great danceable and funky groove. Polished and cool, great for background music in television/radio advertising or podcasts. A looped version can be made available upon request.

Description: Retro funky theme, investigative, comic and fun, dark humor. Features with loop item

Description: Funk melody creates the right energetic flow, groovy instruments plunge to fascinating dance of soul. Get a small piece of drive and cheer up!

Description: Positive and uplifting, lively, upbeat bluesy music featuring fun overdrive guitars, cool bass and driving drums. Bouncy and bright guitars sound that create a naughty, feel-good mood. Will be good for: comedy, commercials, summer events, media, youth culture videos etc.

Description: "Bring The Funk" - A comedy swing mood, catchy medium tempo intro music. Comic and adventure music theme with electro guitar, expressing a lot of fun. This track is funky, playful and catchy. Suitable for humor, game (looped version available), investigate or any funky projects.

Description: Energetic fashion pop-funk background music with positive bright mood. Fun guitars, fashion harmony and quirky bass create a glamour mood.

Description: Classic funk music in advertising music style. Brass and guitar for extra fun.

Description: Super track for TV show in funk style