Description: This is my new energetic 30sec Acoustic Funk rock retro music logo intro track with positive bright mood, which contain bright acoustic guitars, live rock drums, bass and fx…This 30s funky track can be used anywhere – as a motivational musical background for websites, in computer arcade games, tv or radio jingle, advertisement and commercial video.30s, 30sec, Positive rock, acoustic, acoustic guitar, advertising, background, bouncy, bright, business, calm, commercial, easy, elegant, emotional, fashion, fashion show, funk, funk music, funky, groove, groovy, inspiring, intro, light, logo, models, music, opening, positive, relaxing, retro, retro music, retro rock, rock, rock music, slideshow, smooth, soft, soft rock, soothing, stylish, travel, trendy, urban, video, video game, website, relaxed, repetitive

Description: A bouncy, funky, jazzy, and hip music track featuring a tasty fast fingered electric bass riff, groovy retro drum machine, and a 1960’s style horn section. Sweet backing tracking for how to videos, cop flicks, sexy dancing sequences, corporate prancing and other smart multimedia jams.

Description: A funky piano and drum track. The drums kick up to arena levels of power at the 35 second mark.

Description: Action moving funk music in seruious energetic mood. Good for rapid video in sports and event projects. Fast tempo and bracing brass.

Description: Groovy hip-hop theme with jazzy feel and funky beat. Ideal for shopping video, adventure, home video, dance party, for any kinds of vlogs, for advertising, sport videos.

Description: Funk Rock track with solid beat and edgy guitar. Catchy and fun!

Description: Bouncy, funky track with comical feel. Chucking guitar, bass and solid drum groove.

Description: A funky and fun track, perfect for any type of media.

Description: A funky, retro track, perfect for any classic or modern moment. Perfect for soundtracks, episodes, trailers, credits or any media need.

Description: Bouncy, funky track with comical feel. Cool bass and solid drum groove.