Description: 70s ska pop music. In the style of the British Ska revival of the seventies - a homage to bands like The Specials, Selector, The Beat and Madness. Uptempo with lots of stops and punctuation stabs, and an infectious beat. Great underscore for voice-overs to use in drama, documentary and commercials. Main, 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Track jumping with electric guitar, drums, bass and brass with a catchy melody.

Description: Happy upbeat Ukulele loop with an Island reggae style.

Description: Uptempo Ska Punk music for every summer, teen or extreme sports projects! A very positive and cool track that will make you want to surf or party!

Description: A high energy Ska instrumental in the tradition of late-1970’s English 2 Tone.

Description: Totally Fun, lively pop track - has a 1960's groove theme. Go-Go girls dancing in flourescent bikinis, crazy and wild parties in the Hollywood Hills and the Sunset Strip. Funky swinging vibe, hip, youthful flavor, overloaded with coolness. Great for party

Description: Very sunny and carefree song. Uplifting and festive contemporary ska instrumental with a fun party vibe and catchy trumpets melodies

Description: A fun instrumental Ska tune for chase scenes, Halloween, or just to scream and dance along to.

Description: An early 1980's 2-tone original ska tune in the style of Madness. ABA form.

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