Description: Brighten and build up a logo indent to herald in and lift up the visual point. A hi tech shinning synthesizer pad and tonal glitter introduction sting with a Cmaj7 chord tone lasting 5 seconds.

Description: Slide Guitar, Backwoods Hillbilly Music Cue - Sting

Description: Simple banjo music cue, use for comedy underscore, childrens, fun, advert, commercial

Description: Fun, Happy, Playful, Banjo Music cue, suitable for Duck Dynasty, Swamp Hunters kind of underscore

Description: The silent movie villain makes his appearance as this cliched, corny (and now funny) brassy phrase plays.

Description: A short burst of swelling synthesizer and choir effects for video introductions, logos, indents, suspence, and credits.

Description: Solid, sweeping & resolute electronic dance with strong beat. Pacey & upbeat Euro dance with a Corporate and industrial feel. Various mixes, great underneath voice-overs on Documentary and audio visuals. Features sweeping synths, arps, piano, keyboards & drum kit. Various mixes & versions

Description: Music logo with rich sound.